Rally to Protest $158M Giveaway Feb. 28 at Anaheim City Hall

Dr. Jose Moreno (Photo: Chris Prevatt)

A rally calling for the City Council to let the people vote to stop the $158 million tax giveaway to wealthy corporate hotel developers will be held today, Tuesday February 28, 4:30 pm, at Anaheim City Hall. The demonstration has been called for by Anaheim residents, including Dr. Jose Moreno, President of Los Amigos of Orange County and Member of the Board of Education for the  Anaheim City School District; Arturo Ferreras, Chair, Anaheim South District Neighborhood Council; and Larry Larsen, Anaheim homeowner/businessman.

The residents are objecting to the actions of three members of the City Council rushed to pass this huge corporate giveaway without adequate public notice or input. Anaheim residents deserve the opportunity to vote about whether they want to spend their tax dollars on gifts to corporate developers or for other services, such as libraries, public safety and parks. They are requesting that the City Council put the issue on the March 6 City Council agenda to let the public vote. They ask “What do they (the City Council majority) have to hide by keeping this from the public?

The rally will be held outside Anaheim City Hall at 200 S. Anaheim Blvd. Anaheim

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