New Jersey Legislature Passes Gay Marriage Law; Veto Expected

The New Jersey State Legislature has passed a new law legalizing Gay Marriage in the Garden State.  Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who is beloved by conservatives, is expected to veto the law preferring to put the question on a statewide ballot.  All this proves again is Republicans do not understand that rights cannot and should not be voted on by the majority.

From the New York Times article on this issue: New Jersey’s Assembly voted 41 to 33 on Thursday to approve a gay marriage bill that could pave the way for New Jersey to join six other states where same-sex couples can today legally wed.

To become law, the bill would have to be signed by Governor Chris Christie, a Republican who has promised to veto the measure.

We suspect the Governor’s views on equal rights come from watching old DVDs of “The Sopranos” which didn’t exactly embrace the concept of one of the gang being Gay.


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  1. cook
    February 16, 2012 at 8:50 pm

    The 9th district court stuck down prop 8 as unconstitutional, the court said gays have a right to marry.

    Why do states need to pass laws to make gay marriage legal if it is already a constitutional right?

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