Michele Martinez and Her Disappearing Endorsements

Councilmembers Martinez and Sarmiento - Photo: Chris Prevatt/LiberalOC

It may be a coincidence, but I doubt it. Sometime between January 29th and Monday, February 13th, the listing of endorsements on Michele Martinez’s Assembly campaign website disappeared.

On Monday, Miguel Pulido sent out an invitation for people to attend a February 23rd fundraiser for Michele Martinez at the home of Councilman Vincent Sarmiento. The invitation sent out by Pulido was virtually identical to the one Sarmiento had sent out previously, with one major difference. Councilman Sal Tinajero’s name had disappeared from the list of hosts for the event. Two days later, we learned that Tinajero had endorsed Julio Perez calling him the “best candidate” in the race.

This leads me to wonder, who else has jumped ship?

If anyone finds the list of people who still endorse Martinez in her quest for a seat in the State Assembly, please give us a heads up. We want to check it against the old list she had on her website to see who else has dropped off her list of supporters. For reference purposes, here’s the old list. Feel free to compare for yourself if we ever locate her “revised” list.

Assemblymember, Luis Alejo
Assemblymember, Nora Campos
Assemblymember, Ben Hueso
Assemblymember, Roger Hernandez
Assemblymember, Ricardo Lara
Assemblymember, Henry Perea
Assemblymember, Jose Solorio
Assemblymember, Norma Torres
Ret. Senator, Martha Escuita
Ret. Assemblymember, Cindy Montanez
Santa Ana, Mayor Miguel Pulido
Santa Ana, Councilmember David Benavides
Santa Ana, Councilmember Sal Tinajero
Santa Ana, Councilmember Vince Sarmiento
Garden Grove, Councilmember Dina Nguyen
Garden Grove, Former Councilmember Rosen
Brea, Councilmember Ron Garcia
Lake Forest, Councilmember Kathryn McCullough
San Juan Capistrano, Councilmember Laura Freese
Azusa, Councilmember Angel Carrillo
Azusa School District, Board Member Xilonin Cruz- Gonzalez
Bell,  Councilmember Nestor Valencia
Bell Gardens, Councilmember Sergio Infanzon
Cudahy, Mayor Josue Barrios
Duarte, Councilmember Phillip Reyes
El Monte, Councilmember Joseph Gonzalez
Hawthorne School District , Board Member John Vargas
Hawthorne, Mayor Protem Alex Vargas
Montebello School District, Board Member Gerri Guzman
Southgate, Councilmember Jorge Morales
Ontario, Councilmember Alan Wapner
Santa Ana, Planning Commissioner Eric Adelrete
Santa Ana, Planning Commissioner Patrick Correa
Santa Ana, Planning Commissioner Sean Mill
Santa Ana, Housing and Redevelopment Commissioner Lynnette Verino
Santa Ana, Housing and Redevelopment Commissioner Monica Garcia
Santa Ana, Parks and Recreation Commissioner Ken Nguyen
Santa Ana, Parks and Recreation Commissioner Max Madrid
Santa Ana, Youth Chair Commissioner Jonathan Espinoza
Santa Ana, Environmental and Transportation Commissioner Don Cribb
Santa Ana, Environmental and Transportation Commissioner Kim Olson

As you can see, most of the endorsements Michele Martinez had listed on her website are from outside of Orange County and outside the district. Her endorsement from Assemblyman Jose Solorio is a dual endorsement she shares with Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly. She has no organizational endorsements other than HOPE PAC. It appears that HOPE PAC may be related to Hispanas Organized for Political Equality (HOPE). The organization is based in Los Angeles and works to provide a critical voice to Latinas to develop their personal growth, prosperity, and political clout. HOPE produces conferences and programs that champion the spirit of Latinas.

Martinez needs a serious infusion of home-grown Orange County support. Maybe she took down the list until she can get more local endorsements.

  5 comments for “Michele Martinez and Her Disappearing Endorsements

  1. OCMartini
    February 16, 2012 at 7:37 am

    Hilarious that Michele Martinez refuses to talk to bloggers and reporters because they are from “outside Santa Ana” but most of the support she has is from OUTSIDE the district. You can’t tell me that any of her endorsers will actually walk for her and help get out the vote. Hey, what’s going on with Daly (still no website)????

  2. Dan Chmielewski
    February 16, 2012 at 8:48 am

    Her team tells us our coverage is very negative; we’ve countered by asking them to point out a single inaccuracy.

    We’ve said to her team and we’ll say it here; if Michele won’t speak with us we will speak with everyone else. And she has no right to complain about our coverage if she refuses to talk.

    You can’t tell delegates in a very public way that “you’ll talk with everyone” and then not do it. It’s creepy.

  3. Jeff Dickman
    February 17, 2012 at 7:06 am

    Thanks guys, I enjoy your efforts to bring that which is in the shadows into the light.

    This list (as lists fail to do) does not explain why most of these officials would support Michele. It would seem unlikely she is well known outside of the city since her service is to Santa Ana. To my knowledge Michele has written no policy or brought any particular skill-set to our faltering city. I suspect she is, at best, an observer to the city’s long decline. Perhaps the Councilwoman has meet those people working outside of the city, however it would seem a stretch that she has had reason to work with them allowing them time to have formed their opinion that she is the best candidate.

    Sal’s defection is telling since he does work with Michele and has for several years. He likely has a better understanding whether Michele is qualified.

    As many of us have discussed, would you allow Michele to manage your money? Unfortunately she lost her condo and lives off the largress of others. She speaks but has not led and is not considered as a leader.

    To send her to Sacramento is mistake. Let her instead compete against another candidate in 2014. I suspect she’ll be replaced.

  4. OCTruth
    February 17, 2012 at 9:26 am

    Jeff brings up a good question: If Martinez lost her condo, is somehow able to pay for Grad School (On top of her debt from her recently completed Bachelor’s Degree from Cal State Fullerton), how is she able to “Loan” herself $15,000.000 to inflate her campaign coffers for the reporting period? Santa Ana City Council has showed itself to be concerned with its own political futures more than the City’s books. With this kind of record of financial responsibility, why would we send Martinez to Sacramento to screw up those finances even more?

  5. Gil
    February 17, 2012 at 11:11 pm

    She has endoresements from those outside of the OC due to the assistance of her boyfriend,Roger Hernandez who is helping her “make” her way around. Remember she knows who to “use” to get financial support or endorsements.

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