Show Some Love to an Irvine Family on Valentine’s Day (and all this week)

I moved to Irvine nearly 15 years ago, the generosity of this city and its residents never fails to amaze me.  And it’s in this spirit that I’m alerting our readers to the situation of the Stalter family.  Kelsey Stalter is a science teacher Sierra Vista Middle School which has an award winning science department.  The Sierra Vista community received a note about a fundraiser for the Stalter family and I’ve copied it below.

“Our school will be having a donation drive all next week to raise money to support Mrs. Stalter’s husband. Mrs. Stalter is one of our fabulous teachers in the Science Department.  James Stalter was diagnosed with ALS or “Lou Gehrig’s disease about two years ago and is in need of a specialized wheelchair to move around. He needs the motorized chair since he is no longer able to walk or take care of himself.

Beginning on February 14th and through the week, SVMS students will be collecting donations in the parking lot and drop-off areas throughout the morning and at lunch around the tables.  Your kind financial contribution will be most appreciated. Donations may also be dropped off in the front office. Information flyer attached.

Cash or checks made out to Kelsey Stalter.

If you can’t make the drive to the school but want to make a contributor, send a check payable to Kelsey Stalter, c/o Sierra Vista Middle School, 2 Liberty Irvine, California 92620.

It’s Valentine’s Day week and a special time for a number of married couples out there.  Love is more than Romance.  When you take that vow for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health (as opposed to the “in good times or in bad times”), the courage of the Stalters is inspirational.  So please show this family some love this week with a check to cover some costs.




  2 comments for “Show Some Love to an Irvine Family on Valentine’s Day (and all this week)

  1. February 13, 2012 at 11:28 pm

    Great post, Dan. Those wheelchairs like the one James needs cost upwards of $30,000 due to their complexity. I hope your readers come to the rescue. ALS is a terrible disease and the Stalters will need the love and prayers of the community to stay strong.

  2. Nanette
    February 28, 2012 at 2:40 pm

    A parishioner from my church may have that wheelchair available. We’re having a little trouble connecting with the people but they do want to donate to someone else that can use it.

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