Say Goodnight Johnny: OC Public Administrator Williams Surrenders

John Williams

SANTA ANA — For the past couple of weeks Orange County Public Administrator John Williams has been fighting to keep his elected position as Orange County Public Administrator even though he tendered his resignation last year. Williams had already been stripped by the OC Board of Supervisors of his duties as Public Guardian under a cloud of mismanagement allegations. But when the time came for him to leave on January 23rd, he decided to claim squatters rights and “Occupy” his old office. When he finally left for the day, the locks were changed on his office so he couldn’t get back in.

Williams and his attorney, Phil Greer (Patron Attorney of Lost Causes for Elected Officials) filed suit to get his job back, claiming that he really never resigned, and that even if he did, he changed his mind and the Board couldn’t make him leave. He lost the first round in court when Judge William Monroe of Orange County Superior Court last week denied his bid to be reinstated to his office.

Yesterday, Orange County Counsels Office released a brief statement announcing a settlement in Williams’ lawsuit.

Mr. John Williams has agreed to honor the original terms of his previous agreement to resign from the position of Public Administrator. Mr. Williams’ resignation was effective on January 23, 2012.

Say goodnight Johnny!

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  1. February 8, 2012 at 4:22 pm

    Don’t forget, part of the deal struck between the Supes and Williams is that citizens will never see that “highly critical” report done months ago by Special Counsel Michael Colantuono of Williams office. The Supes don’t want us to see inside. Gee, thanks. What a county.

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