New Right Wing Blog Debuts

Those who follow the blogsphere in Orange County know that Red County hasn’t been the same in quite some time.  A new conservative political blog has just been launched to fill a void left behind by Red County, the occasional musings of PowerBlue Blog and the editorial blogs offered by the OC Register.  And with that, we welcome the new OC Political blog to local political coverage with a tilt to the right.

Chris Emami steps in to fill the void and he’s joined by a host of OC’s conserverati which features a combination of OC GOP Central Committee members, current office holders and some candidates up for election.  To our display, there are anonymous bloggers on the blogroll and we’ll give them a good read before we decide if they add to the conversation or not.

Emami tells me the new blog is aimed at solid political discourse and will stay away from the personalized attacks that seem to dominate some of the mesage boards.  And we welcome that sort of debate.

Mavel tov gentlemen and lets see how it all shakes out.