Fullerton Recall is On

Hat tip to the Friends for Fullerton’s Future blog, but the recall of three conservative members of the Fullerton City Council is on; The deadline for filing is close and organizers say they have turned in more than enough signatures to trigger a recall election.

From the post on FFFF:

The individual totals are:

  • Don Bankhead: 17,064 signatures
  • F. Richard “Dick” Jones: 17,587 signatures
  • Patrick McKinley: 17,603 signatures

Next, the city clerk will turn over the signatures to be verified by the OC Registrar of Voters. Once the requirement of 10,554 valid signatures for each recallee is met, an election must scheduled by the Fullerton city council.

In that election, which will occur sometime before this summer, Fullerton voters will decide both if they want to recall each of the three officials and which candidates will replace them.

Now it’s time for a progressive slate of candidates to step up and seize the issue that sparked the recall to begin with — compassion and help for the homeless and mentally ill in Orange County.  Greater communications with the public are needed between city leaders and the residents.

While Demcorats should be grateful to Tony Bushala and his team of right winger Libertarian/Conservatives for taking out three Republican elected, it’s time to seize on the opportunity to turn Fullerton blue.  It’s also going to be telling to see the slate of Bushala backed candidates offered up to replace the recall targets.  Conservatives are battling conversatives in Fullerton; as voters see the competence and compassion offered by their Democratic Mayor Sharon Quirk-Silva, perhaps voters will want more candidates like her instead of ones offered by Bushala’s anti-government ticket.

  1 comment for “Fullerton Recall is On

  1. junior
    January 20, 2012 at 5:07 pm

    “.. the recall of three conservative members of the Fullerton City Council is on ..”

    Why 3 “conservative” members Dan? I believe that it is improper to view this recall from a partisan perspective.

    These Fullerton City Council members should be removed from office regardless if they are conservative, independent or liberal. And you are not helping that cause with your partisan comments.

    They should be replaced with individuals who are responcible to the people of Fullerton – or are you looking to replace them with only those who wear the “progressive” label?

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