Voice of OC Story on Anaheim Records Purge Scandal picked up by LA media

The Voice of OC investigation into the email and document purge scandal in Anaheim has hit the radar of local TV news and the LATimes. NBC News LA covered the story Thursday night in a lengthy segment and LATimes reporter Jeff Gottlieb has a story in this morning’s edition.

From the NBC Los Angeles website report:

In Anaheim’s Planning Department, business licenses and permits sit on shelves for at least two years and e-mails are archived on computers.

But last week, every staff member in the city’s planning department received a memo asking them to get rid of some of the paperwork, regardless of how long it had been there.

The memo said that there have been so many public record requests that some documents, when taken out of context, may “damage our credibility.”

The e-mail asked that drafts and notes about meetings be “purged.”

View more videos at: http://nbclosangeles.com.

The LATimes placed Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Jeff Gottlieb, he broke the City of Bell scandal story, on the trail. Here’s the link to his piece.

Anaheim orders some city employees to kill unflattering emails

Planning department staffers are warned that they could be disciplined if they don’t delete files that reflect badly on city leaders and developers. Critics say workers are being asked to break the law or participate in a coverup.