Tustin names Nielsen Mayor

John Nielsen is Tustin's mayor. He was nominated by former Mayor Jerry Amante on Tuesday night and voted in by the Tustin City Council. Nielsen took his place in the mayor's seat on Tuesday night, during the last City Council meeting of 2011.

The city of Tustin has a new mayor and it’s not because of a recall.  Council member John Nielson takes over the gavel from Boss Tweed Jerry Amante and Republican council member Al Murray is the new Mayor Pro Tem.  Of course, all three voted to place an item on next November’s ballot to allow the voters of Tustin to determine if the city council gets paid or not and like our post from earlier this week, it appears none of them will give up the pay they have accumulated so far this year.

Nielson has been known to defy Amante from time to time, but never strays too far from Amante’s influence.  And veteran Tustin city council watchers will note that Nielson never speaks while Amante drinks water.  Let’s hope that Mayor Nielsen will be less likely to launch accusations from the dias that have no basis in fact that Amante was well known for.

OurTownTustin blogger Jeff Gallagher will have to wait until the next “Drinking Liberally” for me to pay off our bet; I would have sworn Amante would only surrender that gavel by prying it from his fingers.