Happy Birthday Lou Delgado

Officially, photographer extraordinaire Lou Delgado’s birthday isn’t until tomorrow, but I wanted to make the word got out sooner than later.

We’re blessed and fortunate to count a talent like Lou among our friends.  He has a fantastic eye and uses his camera they way some artists use a paintbrush and always manages to bring out the best in the subjects of his lens. 

Now Lou will probably kill me for even bringing this up, but it’s necessary.  He was conspiciously absent from the Truman dinner recently and it’s very unlikely for Lou to even be late to an assignment much less miss one.  No one could reach him.  He wasn’t responding to text messages, emails, and Facebook messages.  His phones went straight to voice mail.  He scared the crap out of many of us who could not reach him.  Lou had a brief illness and when people fall ill, they sleep a lot and he did which is why he wasn’t responding.  He’s recovered but it was amazing to see the “Friends of Lou Delgado committee” swing into action with news about him.

Below, you’ll find samples of Lou’s work.  And think of all the shots he has yet to take.


Happy 39th Birthday dear friend.  And many, many more.

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  1. Bill Spaulding
    December 2, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    Lou *is* one of the good guys. Happy Birthday, friend.

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