Tustin Hires New City Manager



Hat tip to the Our Town Tustin blog for news of Tustin’s new city manager, Jeff Parker, who will take over the city manager’s office in December.

Parker, who was hired on a 5-0 vote of the city council, is the city manager in Claremont.  He previously served as a city manager in Walnut where the city amassed a $20 million reserve during his time there.  Parker was also an assistant city manager in San Juan Capistrano. Parker has a master’s in public administration from CSU-Long Beach and an undergraduiate degree in political science from UC-Santa Barbara.

If Parker is smart, he’ll keep his head down and nod when Mayor Jerry Amante says to nod and take notes about how to best manage the city after Amante leaves the dais.  We just hope he has negotiated a big severance agreement — just in case.  David Biggs, the last city manager hired on a 5-0 vote, has been paids tens of thousands of dollars not to work for Tustin after running afowl of Amante and the Republican council majority.