OccupyOC-Irvine Camping Permit Extended

IRVINE — On Tuesday the City of Irvine extended the camping permit for the OccupyOC-Irvine patriots for two weeks. The encampment at City Hall has generally complied with the agreement that has been in place for a couple weeks. There have been some complaints about noise, primarily surrounding the honking of passing cars in support of the movement. The agreement includes a quite time between 10 pm and 6 am to help address the concerns.

"Home sweet Home" of "Occupy Irvine" California. Picture By: Barton B. Mac Leod, Photojournalist

The Orange County Register has a short report on the extension here. Register columnist David Whiting spent some time camping with the OccupyOC patriots and writes about his experience in his column today.

Camping with ‘Occupy’ finds the ‘why’

Yes, I’m camped out in Irvine.

But there’s something going on here that makes the misery worthwhile.

I’m surrounded by about 30 tents and 50 people in what the Occupy movement calls a village. And I’m discovering that the people who some pundits call slothful anarchists are neither slothful nor anarchists.

Most are thoughtful, dedicated people who are part of an embryonic movement that arguably is already affecting the way some politicians and big corporations do business.

Of course, every village has its idiots.

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Note to supporters driving by the camp at night: Please flash your lights in support rather than honking your horn. It’s Irvine after all, and some of the neighbors turn in early.

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  1. November 9, 2011 at 4:35 pm

    Occupy Santa Ana campers, – problem solved, – camp at Irvine.

    Reinstating Glass-Steagall, HR 1489 is the anti Wall Street legislation.
    The incumbent John Campbell is a member of the Financial Services Committee and is not yet a cosponsor to HR 1489. Campbell was not a member when Congress killed Glass-Steagall in December 1999.

    The Democrat challenger is Irvine Mayor Sukhee Kang. One will not find any anti Wall Street comments on his web site http://www.politics1.com


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