Democrats and Unions Win Big in Ohio, Mississippi, Maine, and Kentucky

Tuesday was election day in several elections across the nation. In Ohio, voters pushed back against Republican Governor John Kasich’s anti-union legislation that banned collective bargaining for public employees. In Mississippi, Voters rejected a Constitutional Amendment that would have declared that life begins at conception, essentially prohibiting all abortions. In Kentucky, the Democratic Governor Steve Beshear was easily elected to his second term.

Mississippi Voters did pass a Constitutional Amendment requiring a government issued photo I.D. for people to vote. That measure will still have to face approval by the U.S. Justice Department due to Voting Right’s Act restricitons. Given the disproportionate impact of this legislation on minority voters, it seems unlikely that approval will be forthcoming.

In Maine voters rejected attempts by the Republican controlled legislature to end Election Day voter registration.

In Arizona a moderate Republican Jerry Lewis will replace Republican state Sen. Russell Pearce, the author of Arizona’s controversial and discriminatory anti-immigrant SB1070, who was recalled.

So pretty good day for Democrats and progressives yesterday. Not so good for the TEA Party (Bag) right.

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  1. Rampant Corruption
    November 9, 2011 at 10:12 am

    Thanks for your work in getting out the good news. These are pretty big victories against the tea party types. Maybe, just maybe, the average voter is waking up to the fact that today’s conservatives do not have the best interests of the majority of voters in mind when they set policy.

    Thanks for your efforts to keep us informed. Keep up the good work.

    • joe
      November 9, 2011 at 11:04 am

      Big Losses more like it in Ohio. We’re on the verge of a bankrupt state, cut backs in benefits in the public sector is needed. Unions made it sound as if Issue 2 passed, police & firefighters would be laid off thus total anarchy in Ohio. Nothing could be further from the truth and farther away from the voters’ “best interest”. In fact now since the unions’ big win, local governments are going to be hard pressed in finding funds to pay union entitlements and our governer stated that there is no money to bail them out. The only solution a local government has are lay offs. Good job! Unless unions want to stop stealing money from our taxes or if public workers are going to work for free… Ohio is screwed. We are going to see record lay offs and unemployment next year because of liberal guilt and union lies. I have watched several companies pack up shop and leave Ohio due to several unions doing the same song and dance. A decently well documented case is the GM plant in Moraine, Ohio. In an extreme nutshell, GM needed to cut costs. The only solution was to cut labor cost since autoworkers at this plant where far over paid for the jobs they performed. GM stated that they would stay if the workers would work for less (still far more money than any other comparable job). The union said, “no way!” So GM said, “Good bye!” I predict a very similar outcome. I believe that today’s liberals are far too short sighted to see the big picture.

      • Rampant Corruption
        November 9, 2011 at 2:36 pm

        This is not about wages or benefits. The conservative administration in Ohio was attacking public workers’ right to be represented in labor negotiations. Such an attck goes right to the heart of our constitutional right to assembly and free speech. This win was much bigger than salary negotiations.

        Whether you like unions or hate them the rights of americans to assemble and negotiate must be protected.

        You are correct that public sector employees may need to give back some benefits in some cases. This has happened through the collective bargaining process here in Orange County. However, many times the unions bridle at the idea of the rank and file giving back while management gets to keep all their perks. This has also happened in Orange County.

        What is needed is a full and fair assessment of all public sector employees to determine fair wages and benefits. We also need the same thing in the private sector since much of the decline of the middle class is attributable to private companies crying poverty and doing away with defined benefit retirement plans. The same private sector big business is also at least partially to blame for underfunded governments because corporatations by and large pay much less in taxes than individuals but receive many if not more of the benefits of government.

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