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The End of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” in Costa Mesa?

After 44 years there will be no more “Snoopy House”, as my kids call it, in Costa Mesa.  Here is the link to story in the Daily Pilot,,0,5696849.story. You can read the facts in the Daily Pilot story, but I just want to want to share my personal sadness, devastation really, at losing this holiday tradition.  My oldest…

World AIDS Day 2011 – Getting to Zero

December 1st is World AIDS Day, an international day of reflection to remember those who have died and those who are living with HIV or AIDS (HIV disease). World AIDS Day 2011 is about “Getting to Zero”: Zero New HIV Infections, Zero Discrimination and Zero AIDS Related Deaths.

Following Santa Ana’s Bouncing Code of Ethics Meeting

Vince Sarmiento

On Monday I wrote about the scheduled Santa Ana City Council Committee meeting regarding the review of the City Code of Ethics and Conduct. Since my post, the meeting date, time, and agenda have changed, twice. It is now scheduled for December 6th at 5:30 pm.

OC Dems struggle with finances and transparency

The Democratic Party of Orange County has historically lived on a razor edge of financial security. Orange County’s Democratic Party (DPOC) closed the first half of the year with just $353 in the bank after $19,552 in expenditures. Those figures provided the back-drop to an impeachment vote targeting the DPOC Treasurer Reggie Mundekis.

Changes at OC Weekly

Out with the old and in with the Mexican.  A Naval Gazing post today announced the resignation of OC Weekly’s editor Ted Kissell and his replacement, as of Friday, Gustavo Arellano.  Kissel is pursuing other opportunities and there were no announced plans for him in the blog post, his email to staff or the news…

Rep. Barney Frank to Retire

Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank announced today that he will retire from Congress and not seek re-election.  Frank’s seat, in a liberal stronghold of the Western Boston suburbs is not at risk to going Republican, but his decision is a loss for Democrats because of his strong opinions, debate skills and his intellect.  Barney has a…

Anaheim Conflict of Interest: This Time It’s Councilwoman Murray

Earlier this year Councilwoman Kris Murray voted on a contractor’s report from the Willdan Group, her employer, FPPC regulations make it illegal for an elected official to vote on matters which have a financial impact on their personal interests. The law is crystal clear on the matter, you cannot vote on anything that involves your employer.