In The News…

This morning we would like to call your attention to some stories we’re following.

OCR – Brown proposes sweeping public pension reforms: Gov. Jerry Brown unveiled Thursday a sweeping pension reform plan that he said would cut state costs in half by reducing benefits and increasing the retirement age of state, local government and school employees. His plan comes in response to growing concerns over six-figure benefits and enormous unfunded liabilities. Read More.

VOC – Anaheim Council Slashes City Manager’s Contract Authority: The Anaheim City Council voted Tuesday night to slash the city manager’s authority to sign contracts without council approval, reducing the maximum from $250,000 to $100,000. Read More.

OCR – Meet Santa Ana’s street lighting man: If just one out of every 100 Santa Ana residents were as civic-minded as Stephen Manning, the city’s financial crisis would be over. You’d have 3,500 people taking responsibility for their own and their neighbors’ safety, and through prevention and some elbow grease or shoe leather, they’d cut deep into the need for the level of police and fire services that threaten to bankrupt the county seat. Read More.

VOC – Behind the Battle to Reshape CalOptima: Orange County Supervisor Janet Nguyen wants to significantly change the county’s healthcare delivery system for the poor. Others say she is trying to fix something that isn’t broken. Read More.