For Carlos Bustamante Management Has Its Privilege

On Tuesday evening I learned that County Executive Manager Carlos Bustamante had resigned his position with the OC Public Works Department after having been placed on administrative leave for Sexual misconduct allegations. The satisfaction I felt that finally a manager was held accountable for their actions came to an abrupt end almost as soon as it arrived. Carlos got a bonus for deciding to resign.

It’s bad enough that Carlos was placed on paid leave while the investigation of misconduct allegations was conducted. The revelation that he got a three month bonus for quitting is just too disgusting for words. Only an executive Manager would get such a benefit. The fact that it was given, shows just how much these folks protect their own.

From the Orange County Register:

Former county executive Carlos Bustamante issued a statement today denying he had any inappropriate sexual encounters with his employees.

Bustamante, who is also a Santa Ana city councilman, resigned from his position as an executive manager with OC Public Works Tuesday following a weeks-long internal investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct.

Bustamante said in his resignation letter that he is not entitled to a 90-day severance package because he is voluntarily resigning, but said he has agreed to accept a 90-day severance package in exchange for not suing the county.

The county paid Bustamante $178,277 last year, according to county pay data.

Bustamante was put on paid administrative leave Sept. 12 after the county received an anonymous letter detailing allegations of a sexual nature against Bustamante, the director of administrative services for O.C. Public Works. Read More.

Most of our readers know that I am a County employee. I happen to have some knowledge as to how things are supposed to work, and how they actually do. Simply put, if I had such allegations leveled against me I would not have been placed on paid administrative leave while the investigation was conducted. If my bosses found it necessary for me to be out of the way while they conducted their investigation I seriously doubt I would be sent on paid vacation.

If during the course of the investigation I decided that I would rather resign than fight the allegations, I would get whatever accumulated leave time I had on the books as I walked out the door and nothing more.

Bubba Bustamante

Only a manager at Carlos Bustamante’s level gets a bonus for running out the door before it hits him in the tail.

In a bit of twisted irony it just so happens that September is the month that all supervisory and management employees of the county are required to complete their annual EEO/Sexual Harassment training. While I learned in the training that the conduct Carlos had allegedly engaged in for years is improper (the training actually described almost exactly what was alleged), I learned yesterday that in the County of Orange if a senior manager faces such allegations, they get a bonus if they go away.

I guess management has its privileges.