Morning News Bits

From a quick review of our favorite publications we bring you the following morning headlines we think you may find interesting.

VOC – Focus on Premium Pay in Santa Ana’s Budget Mess

The city pays $9.2 million annually in premium pay to employees with special skills or experience. Budget consultants declare this is far above the norm.

OCR – Brea council mistakenly gives itself raise

In June, the Brea City Council voted to increase flex benefits — health, vision, dental — for city executives. However, council members say they were unaware that they would automatically get the exact same increase

VOC – Plan to Put Nguyen on CalOPTIMA Board Runs into Opposition

Both colleagues and health plan leaders question why the supervisor should have a permanent seat on the board.

VOC – State Supreme Court to Hear OC Retiree Benefits Dispute

Deal that saved taxpayers nearly $1 billion and touted by both local GOP and Labor leaders could unravel if Court agrees with retirees.

VOC – On The Agenda: Orange County Board of Supervisors scheduled to adopt budget revisions

The Orange County Board of Supervisors Tuesday will consider $48 million in cuts to plug a budget hole caused by the state’s take away of vehicle license fee revenue. The cuts could mean dozens of jobs lost for the public defender’s office, but mass layoffs for other county agencies appear to be off the table.