Obama on GOP Presidential Candidates Silence When Soldier Booed

President Barack Obama at HRC National Dinner 2011

President Barack Obama delivers remarks at the Human Rights Campaign Gala at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. October 1, 2011. (Official White House Photo by Samantha Appleton)

Presidnet Obama in his remarks to the attendees of the Human Rights Campaign’s 15th Annual National Dinner, said, “every single American — gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, transgender — every single American deserves to be treated equally in the eyes of the law and in the eyes of our society. It’s a pretty simple proposition.”

The President had pointed remarks about the silence on the part of the Republican Presidential candidates when an American soldier was booed by audience members during a recent debate.

“We don’t believe in a small America. We don’t believe in the kind of smallness that says it’s okay for a stage full of political leaders — one of whom could end up being the President of the United States — being silent when an American soldier is booed. We don’t believe in that.  We don’t believe in standing silent when that happens. We don’t believe in them being silent since. You want to be Commander-in-Chief? You can start by standing up for the men and women who wear the uniform of the United States, even when it’s not politically convenient.”

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