OCCHC Comes to Alvarez’s Defense; Criticizes Chase’s for Their Speech

Allen Peters Baldwin of the Orange County Community Housing Corporation has come to the defense of embattled Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez and calls on the community to condemn the words and actions of Irv Chase while asking for reforms to Downtown Inc.  The statements from the OCCHC also condemn Alavrez’s comments and imply the Chase’s are not innocent here either. And the lion’s share fo the statements are pro-Alvarez.

From the statement:

We’ve an evening ahead for which we can take pride in furthering understanding between cultures; or we have an evening ahead that will further divide and disrupt our community.  The result is in the hands of the addressees.   Who will take the gavel and bring us understanding?

Claudia’s reference to Hitler in her criticism of the meeting location was wrong.  She will pay a heavy price.  However, the community should not also be asked to pay that heavy price.  Claudia represents a constituency within the City of Santa Ana and, although you might ask for a resignation from the Council, it is the voting public that reserves that right through the recall process.   I know that Claudia is the voice of reason when it comes to the PBID policy fiasco.

I also recognize and condemn the language and actions of Mr. Chase in his fervent and often angry pursuit of gentrifying 4th Street.  It has been extremely detrimental to the livelihood of many building owners and tenant merchants.  Roughshod and arrogant might be the most temperate works to use to describe the behavior of Mr Chase and Downtown Inc. 

Claudia offered time and time again to get Downtown Inc and the 4th Street merchants to meet.  The services of the Human Relations Commission were suggested.  I, also, offered to broker meetings of small contingencies on either side of the aisle without success.   This government-endowed Downtown Inc is placing the City in jeopardy as well as many of its 4th Street merchants.

Condemn the words of Claudia, but also condemn the speech and actions of Mr. Chase.      ……and, then, do something to reorganize Downtown Inc and adjust the payments to match the services provided.   Promotion of the Fiesta Marketplace requires daytime events, etc. 

Fiesta Marketplace is a place of comfort for the constituency of OCCHC and for those who come from Riverside and Los Angeles County as well as for the neighborhood surrounding.

Publisher’s Note: Mr Baldwin has asked that we post the following statement from him clarifying his remarks. “Please know that I spoke for myself and not for OCCHC.    I respect both Claudia and Irv but I think both were wrong regarding the Mercado.”

  2 comments for “OCCHC Comes to Alvarez’s Defense; Criticizes Chase’s for Their Speech

  1. cook
    September 6, 2011 at 1:13 pm


    I can not tell if it is Allen Peters Baldwin defending the council woman’s violations of the cities “Code of Ethics” or if he is speaking for the “Orange County Community Housing Corporation”

    I have look at the board of directors and seen names of people who have condemn what she said that evening.

    Their web site and news releases do not show any reference to the councils troubles.

    • September 6, 2011 at 2:15 pm

      I cut and pasted his entire comment; it looks like some of the sentences are incomplete or not well thought out. My interpretation is he condemns Alavrez’s comments about ethnic cleansing and Hitler but also condemns the Chases for their comments and arrogance. And there’s a lot of language that suggests support for Alvarez ( the reference to her by first name for example )

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