Alvarez: No Personal Apology to Chases.

Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez made the rounds in various local media and was featured on a number of Los Angeles TV stations yesterday.  In an interview with the OC Register’s Andrew Galvin, who’s dubbed the days after Wednesday’s council meeting “The Alvarez Apology Tour,” one thing that Alvarez won’t be doing is apologizing to the Chase family personally.  Ryan Chase told Channel 7 news that he doesn’t consider Alvarez’s apology for anti-semitic remarks as sincere.

Claudia Alvarez - Photo: Chris Prevatt/LiberalOC

From the Register’s article: 

In an interview shown on KCBS Channel 2 during its 11 p.m. newscast Thursday, Alvarez said, “I did let my emotions get the best of me.”

“My intent was not to offend the Chases or to offend the Jewish community by any means, or to trivialize anything that’s happened to the Jewish community, but the words came out, and I do apologize to all of them,” she told the TV station.

She told the Los Angeles Times: “I obviously need to learn how to keep my cool.”

On Friday, she sat down with The Orange County Register to apologize again, and also to talk about how an argument over a downtown business improvement district got to a point at which terms like “ethnic cleansing” are being tossed around.

She will not, however, be apologizing personally to Irv Chase and his son, Ryan, both of whom were the target of her caustic statements on Wednesday. “As you know, it’s not an amicable relationship, but my apology has been everywhere,” Alvarez said. Given “the issues between the personalities involved,” she added, “I think it’s best for us to stay apart from each other at this point.”

Meanwhile, the Alvarez/Hitler story has gone national with the Associated Press picking up the story which is now appearing as news briefs in Jewish newspapers and websites specializing in news about Israel.

Apologizing to the public about offensive remarks without a personal (emphasis on the word personal) apology to the Chase’s, frankly, makes the apology insincere.  Not sure if Ms. Alvarez has a copy of Miss Manners or Emily Post on her bookshelf, but perhaps this site could help.

“when apologizing always think about which words to use based on the person and your relationship, and the overall tone based on the infraction. The more serious the infraction the more serious the tone should be.

WARNING: Always err on the side of assuming the recipient views the infraction as serious.”

The book in the photo above is actually a wonderful resource full of great ideas that Ms. Alvrez can use. Comic Book fans will note that co-author Arlene Sorkin was the voice of “Harley Quinn” in the Batman Animated Series and a TV host known for great wit.

  5 comments for “Alvarez: No Personal Apology to Chases.

  1. Joe
    August 27, 2011 at 12:17 pm

    You’d expect to see someone this clueless as the Mayor Pro Tem of COSTA MESA..

  2. pete
    August 27, 2011 at 6:33 pm

    She should resign from the Council and the District Attorneys office. They must have a shortage of work in the D.A.’s office to allow her to hold 2 jobs. No need for anti semitism in Politics and the Prosecutors office.

    • August 28, 2011 at 2:55 pm

      Why? The most corrupt DA in the State of California won’t fire her because she didn’t insult him, just some of his business buddies. Oh wait, maybe…..

  3. cook
    August 27, 2011 at 7:37 pm

    There has much been said in the past by the current council on how they represent the city of Santa Ana.

    Each council member and the mayor all have received criticism from the public and fellow council members in the past for action or words spoken.

    The eyes of Orange County are going to be on the Santa Ana city council on how they deal with the mayor pro tem action and words.

    Are the members going to take a stand on the ideals they spoke about in the pass when they felt the need to criticize other council members of comments made or other types of ???, or sweep it under a rug?

    There is a lynch mob gathering, they have seen the tape, heard the words.

    I hope that whatever the council deems a fitting responds for this situation is taken early, before public comments, in a hope that helps defuse the worst part of the negative reaction.

  4. August 28, 2011 at 2:58 pm

    “As you know, it’s not an amicable relationship, but my apology has been everywhere,” Alvarez said.

    Yes, Claudia, it has been everywhere across the country except where it is needed most, in a face to face apology to the men you insulted.

    Alvarez is as racist as any member of a white supremacist group. She hides behind her skin color, but the truth comes out in the most damning moments.

    Resign, Claudia, Resign. You would be an embarrassment even to a Libertarian like me.

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