UPDATE: It was a Coincidence ORIGINAL Headline: Coincidence or Police Intimidation in Tustin?

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Update: We received a call from someone inside Tustin City Hall (not PIO Lisa Woolery) that the Police SUV outside of the meeting was investigating a False Alarm at a business across the street.  We’re pleased to report our fears were unfounded. 


I had a few moments Monday evening and decided to drop in on the Recall Amante committee meeting. It was a small group for a Monday in the middle of August but very involved and reporting successes in both fundraising and signature gathering.  The group is ahead of where they’d thought they’d be by now and the news of Amante’s new BBQ fundraising tells us he’s not waiting for the signatures to be certified.

There was a big laugh over the contention by Amante and friends that TUSD leaders are behind the recall effort.  Not a TUSD official was to be found at the meeting. More on this in a second.

As we were leaving the meeting, I happened to look up an notice an SUV with it’s lights on facing the house on Sixth Street.  A closer look revealed it was a Tustin Police SUV Canine Unit.  The position of the SUV was behind another car well off the street and how often is a canine unit used for a speed trap (the street was quiet and empty).  I couldn’t see through the window if the officer was a man or a woman or if they were taking photos or license plate numbers.  But it was creepy, especially in light of the recent police brutality that happened in Fullerton with the death of Kelly Thomas. I left and followed every traffic law I could think of as I drove away, but those left behind said the officer pulled out and the dog barked at them as he drove away.

I have a call into Tustin’s PIO to ask about this, and I’m sure she’ll say it was just a coincidence. But you have to wonder if Mayor Jerry Amante is becoming so paranoid that he’s sending the police to check out who’s who in the recall committee?  It’s no secret that Amante’s friends are hassling Recall volunteers at signature gathering locations; one Amante proponent asks supporters to take photos of signature gatherers to make sure they are Tustin residents.  The response from the Recall Committee; volunteers should bring their own cameras and take photos of Amante’s friends.  Other Amante supporters are hassling civic organizations where Recall volunteers are members to try a guilt by association tactic. 

Since my favorite Italian restaurant (Pina’s Bistro) and Comic Book shop are in Tustin, I’ll be driving as safely as possible in Amanteland until he’s recalled. 

In the meantime, an interesting bit of news; Recall Amante T-shirts are becoming a hot fashion item from certain Tustin teens.  Wonder how many of them will wear the shirts to school when the new school year begins.

Back to TUSD for a minute.  We have word the City has filed a second lawsuit against the School District.  More on that later today.  But one thing is clear, if you’re a parent of a student in TUSD, you have to be upset about the hundreds of thousands of dollars the city and the district are spending on a lawsuit that has everything to do with Amante asserting control over a local school district that is administered by the state.  The fastest and easiest way to stop a November trial is to recall Amante and elect a new City Council member who will be the third vote to settle the case.

  3 comments for “UPDATE: It was a Coincidence ORIGINAL Headline: Coincidence or Police Intimidation in Tustin?

  1. August 17, 2011 at 12:18 pm

    Yup, it was a scary moment and I, as a Tustin resident, also followed all the laws. I had to laugh as we were standing in the street talking and the cop car zooms past us with the dog barking. Always a fun time in Amanteland. http://ourtowntustin.wordpress.com/2011/08/15/is-this-a-coincidence/

  2. Chuck Horvath
    August 17, 2011 at 5:21 pm

    It was more funny than scary. I thought Jerry might have been sitting in the back seat … with the darkened windows. Then I heard the barking … and I really thought it was Jerry!

  3. Dan Chmielewski
    August 17, 2011 at 9:38 pm

    Well I hear Jerry likes dogs

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