Debt Ceiling Debate: The Blame Game

Here we are again.  Listening to the parties whine and point fingers.  John Boehner blames the president for not “acting like a strong leader.”  Honestly, it is my perception that he, as a leader, is trying to do something we don’t often see in politics, compromise.  

This seems to be something the ticks both parties off.  He is not the extreme leftest the TEA Baggers seem hell bent on morphing his image into.  He is NOT trying to take away your guns, he is NOT proposing nor has he raised taxes on small businesses, and he is not a Muslim.  Not that it should matter if he were a Muslim, but to the religious extremist who call themselves “Republicans”, that would make him Satan because it is their belief that all Americans should be Christian.  

I even saw a right winger post a comment to the president that he can not cut social security because so many retirees depend on it as if that was his plan.  He gets that genius.  He isn’t saying he wants to cut Social Security and Medicare, YOUR party is.  He has said that the government may not be able to pay it if the budget isn’t balanced.  You can’t pay for something you need no matter how bad you need it if you don’t have any money honey.

As far as the TEA Baggers blaming the Dems for the hold up, guys, what have you been smoking?  You don’t hand a man a shit sandwich and then get angry when he won’t eat it.  We all know that you have all vowed to your diverse party of the filthy rich and pork rind munching Nascar fans that there will be no tax raises.  This right wing party promise includes keeping George W’s tax cuts  given to the rich and huge corporations.  Hey, pork rind munchers, you are NOT in the plan for a better life anywhere in the TEA Bag agenda.

I also want to say, and this is important to me, that I don’t believe that the weirdo fringe of the Republican party are representative of all Republicans as a whole.  I have several friends who are Republicans and they are horrified by these people.  There are many intelligent, reasonable people in the Republican party.  I just wish they would take a stand and fight to gain some level of control and respect for their party.

Most of all, I want to address the T-Rex in the room, the insane amount of money this country spends on war.  I literally can’t even conceive of the dollar amount this country has and continues to spend on fighting in the middle east.  Obama, get us OUT of that hot mess.  That was one of your campaign promises and pulling troupes out of Iraq only to send more to Afghanistan doesn’t count.  If we took the money we spend over seas on our own shores fighting terrorism, we would be safer and maybe, just maybe, a balanced budget would be possible.  Also, closing some of the bases we have all over the world, seriously, we don’t need that many, would really be a big help.  We might even be able to give our soldiers quality equipment needed to fight when they have to, as well as the pay and benefits they deserve both as active members and retired veterans.  

Just a thought.

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  1. July 29, 2011 at 5:50 pm

    Only 2 nations have a debt ceiling, Denmark and America.

    The reason for our debt ceiling is because we have a monetarist financial system. We need to return to a credit system.

    QE3 & the Debt Ceiling: Obama Bails Out Empire
    July 14th, 2011 • 6:55 PM
    What is behind the debt ceiling debate, and Bernanke’s announcement of QE III, is President Obama, a British puppet, and his Wall Street controlled allies in the Congress drawing the United States further into the bailout of the foreign bankrupt monetary institutions of the Empire. Glass-Steagall must be restored and Obama removed from office. There are no other options.

  2. lefty
    July 30, 2011 at 10:08 am

    As usual, the selfish, self-serving Republicans are trying to advance the agenda of their benefactors – the richest 1% of the country.

    However, they are correct that President Obama’s “leadership” leaves a lot to be desired. He has more in common with a “deer caught in the headlights” – then the principled, decisive leader he sounded like when he was running for President.

    His tough talk has disappeared. His actions, & his inactions, have him looking far more like W – then not.

    A disappointing President?

    To say the least.

  3. Angry tustin resident
    August 1, 2011 at 10:12 am

    We always get this crap from the right wing that the president has no leadership that he needed to provide the answers to this debacle. It is the responsibility of the House and the senate to come up with the solutions since it is they who ultimately decide on what solution is voted for. The president can only provide the guidance which he has.

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