Palin’s “Undefeated” is a Political “Ishtar”

Tea baggers are cheap.  They don’t want to pay taxes.  They don’t like spending money on anything…even their heroes like Sarah Palin.  The “documentary” on Palin,” The Undefeated,” pulled in a terrible box office opening weekend. And the reviews are even worse.

If there’s a silver lining, the people who made “Atlas Shrugged” can now point to “The Undefeated” and laugh.

From  “Estimates from the 10 theaters where The Undefeated debuted — including locations in Orange County, Orlando, Houston and other ideologically simpatico markets (certainly not New York or Los Angeles) — settle around $68,000. That would place its all-important per-screen average at $6,800, which, as one wag notes, was enough to beat Fox Searchlight’s new Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, but, as anyone else who follows the box office will tell you, is not what you’d call a rousing indie success. ”


The film still carries an impressive 0 % rating from Rotten, which is a feat!  Read the reviews from 10 critics.  Priceless.

I wonder how Deborah Pauly liked the film?