Redistricting tops the Morning News Headlines

Here are some of the headlines that have captured our attention this morning.

Voice of Orange County: County Redistricting Committee Ignores Plans from Latinos — The committee drawing new boundaries for the Orange County Board of Supervisor’s districts Thursday decided not to consider any plans submitted by Latino groups.  The action drew an immediate angry response from leaders of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC). They accused the committee, composed of aides to the five supervisors, of placing more importance on re-electing incumbents and keeping city borders intact than in following federal voting laws intended to ensure minorities aren’t disenfranchised. Read More.

Voice of Orange County: New County Redistricting Rules Still Offer Incumbent Protection — Nobody’s mentioned it publicly, but one criteria for redrawing Orange County Board of Supervisors district boundaries allows the board to protect incumbents Janet Nguyen and Shawn Nelson.  The relevant phrase, partway down the list of goals for redistricting the county, is “continuity of representation.” Read More.

Orange County Register: Draft maps – Sanchez regains most of district — A third version of draft congressional redistricting maps for Rep. Loretta Sanchez largely restores her Latino, Democratic geographic base and removes Little Saigon, which leans Republican. Read More.