Monthly Archives: July 2011

Debt Ceiling Debate: The Blame Game

Here we are again. Listening to the parties whine and point fingers. John Boehner blames the president for not “acting like a strong leader.” Honestly, it is my perception that he, as a leader, is trying to do something we don’t often see in politics, compromise.

The legal costs of political ideology in Costa Mesa

“It is anticipated that the total attorney fees and costs incurred by the city of Costa Mesa in defending this matter, through trial, will crest $250,000. It is further anticipated that this action will take two years to reach its final determination.”

KOCE’s David Nazar on Chivas to Santa Ana Part II

  In case you missed the Thursday 1PM broadcast, tune in to KOCE Friday night to catch David Nazar’s report on the status of Chivas USA’s possible move to Santa Ana.  While Santa Ana officials are still remarkably tight lipped about the status, Councilman Vince Sarmiento was very chatty about locations other than Willowick Golf…

Santa Ana: Who’s on First?

Like the classic Abbott and Costello routine, it looks like at least three City Council members have no clue what’s going on. On the one hand it’s kind of funny. On the other, it’s a bit scary.

Pro-Amante Website Makes a Quiet Debut

Mayor Jerry Amante, the Il Duce of Tustin, has his fans to but they have a twisted sense of humor when it comes to naming a website to support their dear leader.  SaveTustin has next to no information and a smiling face of the Mayor with his email address and cell phone (so voters can…

Tax dollars on Wellness Save Taxpayers Money

It’s seldom that I have time in my schedule to attend Irvine City Council meetings, but a small debate two weeks ago over a proposal by Mayor Pro Tem Beth Krom to look into a citywide wellness program turned into a small facebook debate with Irvine Councilmember Jeff Lalloway; in short, I’ve always been of…