County Managers Bonus Program on Supervisors’ Agenda

OC Supervisor Bill Campbell - Photo: Chris Prevatt

From Voice of OC this morning is this reminder that the Orange County Board of Supervisors meets today and will decide whether to approve the recently negotiated contract with the Orange County Managers Association.

Last December, Orange County Budget Director Frank Kim offered the Board of Supervisors a power point presentation choc full of items that the county could take back at the negotiating table over the next few years as contracts with the county’s main three unions came up.

The list included: salary reductions; reducing premium pay; limiting step increases; reducing holiday pay accrual rates; eliminating leave payouts and county pickups on pensions.

Yet the manager’s contract, which the Board is scheduled to vote on today, includes only one: eliminating county pickups on pensions. And this giveback by managers comes with an expansion of bonus programs.

The same bonus programs that were highlighted in a scathing report by the Orange County’s Performance Auditor. The report concluded that such merit-based bonuses were being treated like automatic pay raises because they were almost always granted.

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