Amante Recall Petition Approved! Sign Those Petitions

The petition to Recall Tustin Mayor Jerry Amante was finally approved at 4:59 PM Monday afternoon, about 24 hours too late for the recall committee to take advantage of the massive turnout on Tustin’s Chili Cookoff.

That didn’t stop the recall committee from collecting signatures for volunteers, contributions, spreading some information on the effort and passing out 500 balloons for the Kids with the message of “Recall Amante.”

According to the Recall The Mayor committee, they have until mid-October to gather 7,039 signatures.  To find out how to sign the petition, go to 

The rules are pretty simple.  You must be registered to vote in Tustin. And you can only sign once.  If you don’t live in Tustin, and want to support the effort, make a contribution. 

Make no mistake.  Gathering the needed number of signatures is going to be a a tough task for the 100 plus volunteers, and Amante and his cronies are going to challenge this effort every step of the way.  Missing the chili cookoff hurts, but it’s not fatal.  There’s still the big July 4th celebration at Tustin High School and those September football games to rally signatures to replace Mayor Amante with someone who will serve the public first instead of his own interests.

If you’re a Tustin resident and don’t like the idea of your city and school district suing each other in court, recalling Amante is the fastest way to make this action stop.

  1 comment for “Amante Recall Petition Approved! Sign Those Petitions

  1. Angry Tustin Resident
    June 7, 2011 at 10:48 am

    It is too bad that the organization missed Tustin Chili festival. However, there is a lot of time between now and mid October to collect signatures.
    You can be assurred that the pro-Amante forces will use the funds raised by Amante at his fund raiser to try and defeat the recall. It is a shame that there is nothing in the local Tustin News. The reason for that is probably because they don’t want to upset boss Amante and his buddies.

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