AOCDS President Quint Retires

Wayne Quint, Jr.

SANTA ANA — In an announcement to its members the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriff’s issued the following statement on Tuesday.

At today’s meeting of the Board of Directors, AOCDS President Wayne Quint, Jr. announced he will be retiring from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department to begin a new career in state government. With this announcement, Wayne resigned as President of the Association and Board of Directors.

After a discussion by board members, Investigator Thomas Dominguez was unanimously selected to succeed Wayne as President.

The Board of Directors, also by unanimous vote, selected Deputy I Roger Hilton to complete the unexpired portion of Wayne’s term of office.

The Board of Directors would like to acknowledge and thank Wayne for his years of dedicated and passionate service to the AOCDS membership. We wish him well in his future endeavors.

There will never be another like him.

We’ll mis you Wayne.