Tustin Cancels Safe School Crossings for May 5


The City of Tustin abruptly cancelled the Safe Schools Crossing event for May 5 at the corner of Prospect and Beneta Way without explanation.  Perhaps the prospect of hot chocolate on a hot May morning or photos taken with the Mayor as a school child’s idea of fun weren’t exactly hot draws.

But for many parents in TUSD, Mayor Amante isn’t quite a hot draw either.

Mayor Amante’s vote for an emergency ordinance on grading and excavation was the opposite of what so many Tustin Unified students sought when they took time out from homework to address the city council (remember, the Mayor only allows applause when you sings words of praise about HIM kids).  Perhaps Amante simply realized this event conflicts with his public statements regarding TUSD schools. 

But there’s a tip we received from a member of the RecallAmante committee about this event:

During the August 4, 2009 City Council meeting – the Council voted on reducing the existing 31 crossing guard posts to 16 posts.  The analysis the city conducted determined that 15 locations did not meet the warrant criteria, based on pedestrian volumes and vehicular volumes.  This saved the City $221,425.00. 

At the intersection where this lovely demonstration is happening, is where a crossing guard was killed, several years ago.  Parents had been complaining for years about this intersection.  It was not until after the crossing guard incident that a signal light was placed there. 

Amante was mayor when the city council voted to cut the number of school crossing guards. So for him to but out there as a guest crossing guard for a day just doesn’t seem right.

The event itself sheds interesting light on Amante’s image of himself as a charismatic leader in Tustin.  Did he expect parents of the kids crossing the street not to stop and ask him about the now delayed lawsuit between the city and the school district?  Who’s going to take all these pictures of kids with the mayor?  And what might happen if the RecallAmante committee sets up a picket at the same intersection?

We’re also told the search for a permanent replacement city manager is being continued. Why the Tustin City Council just doesn’t make an offer to the number #2 or #3 candidate on the list of 55 from last fall is questionable.