Five years and 6,000 posts later…

Remember me? I was going to comment on the post that Chris wrote about the 5th Birthday of The Liberal OC and the recent milestone of 6,000 posts…but then I realized that my username & password still work for this site so I decided to turn it into a legit post.  Hope you don’t mind an Arizona boy encroaching on your space.

I’ve written birthday posts quite a few times already, so I’m not going to bore you with that again.  Instead, I have a small confession to make.  This is the first time I’ve ever written these words.  Back in 2006 when I launched TheLiberalOC, my intention was to create a place where I could write snarky commentary on local news and get people to like me.  I had hoped that everyone would realize that I was a wonderful writer and they would throw parades in my honor; my friends would put me on their shoulders and carry me through the streets and I’d triumphantly clasp my hands together and do that shaky clasped hand thing that people do to signal victory.

I did this for me.

If you ever meet a blogger that says that he started blogging because he wanted to educate or inspire or reform–he’s lying to you.  People blog because of ego…all of that change-the-world b.s. is secondary.

Four years ago I moved to Phoenix and I’ve seen a change in the posts on this blog.  I’m saddened that fake press releases from Republican’s organs are no longer a staple of this site [read: Ryan Gene Williams’ appendix releases a statement].  I’m unhappy that unsubstantiated rumors are no longer published written like the opening chapter of a Hardy Boys novel and published here [read: The case of the mysterious thumb-drive?].

Where are the posts with Photoshopped pictures of Jesus and zingers like, “The council should stop playing ‘my crucifix is bigger than yours.’” [Read: In God They Trust]

And where are the parody speeches to graduating high school students, with obscure movie quotations? [Read: Dear Class of 2007]

I miss posts with fun animated pictures that say “I hate Mike Lawson.” [Read: Our advertising policy]  Or all of the fun photoshopped images. [Read: My favorite Photoshopped Images of 2006]

And where are all the useless list posts? [Read: 5 (new) reasons OC residents should turn vegetarian] [Read: 5 reason every OC Dem should be proud] [Read: 10 things you can do on earth day] [Read: 5 reasons you should support labor union]

So take this post as a plea to the Orange County Blogosphere to forget all of the newsy stuff and forget this silly thing I’ve heard about called “fact-checking” and return to our roots of writing pretentious, funny crap that wasn’t worth the keyboard it was typed on.

I’m still waiting for my Best-Writer-In-The-World parade.  I will continue to over-share on the internet on my personal blog: WhatSomeWouldCallLies and I can be found on Twitter @mrmikelawson.  If you’re with me, join me.

Congrats on the milestone/birthday, Liberal OC!

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  1. May 1, 2011 at 10:43 am

    Glad to hear from you again Mike. (Damn! I knew I forgot to unplug something when he left.)

    You definitely were our reality checker. Whenever we got all too serious about ourselves, you were always there to pull us back.

    We try to lighten up a bit at least once a year on April 1st, but your right more of that would make things a heck of a lot of fun.

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