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When Push Poll Comes to Shove

At the latest meeting of the Costa Mesa City Council, the Costa Mesa Taxpayers Association (CMTA) announced the results of a push poll. Colin McCarthy crowed about the results, but take a closer look. The poll doesn’t ask about the basic policy voted on by the Costa Mesa City council – outsourcing services and laying off nearly half of the City’s workforce to balance the budget.

Mensinger: Complaining of Outside Influences in Costa Mesa

COSTA MESA — Appointed City Councilman Steve Mensinger has a problem with people who don’t live in Costa Mesa voicing their opinions about the plans he and his buddies on the Costa Mesa Junta (Council) have to outsource city services to the lowest bidder. Mensinger, has this wild notion that the unions representing city employees…

Tustin Recall Group Lodges Complaint Against City Staffer

Chuck Horvarth, the unofficial head of the “Recall Amante” grassroots group, has filed a complaint with the City of Tustin’s Human Resources Department over an email he received shortly after setting up an email address for  The email appeared to come from a personal Gmail account belonging to Lisa Woolery, who handles PR for the…

Feet To The Fire in Costa Mesa: A.K.A. Righeimer’s Politics of Fear

Feet to the Fire Forum - Costa Mesa

“Should Costa Mesa be run like a business?” All sides in the debate seemed to be in agreement that business principles have a role in the management of any city budget. However that agreement led me to the conclusion that the positions advocated by Mayor Pro Tem Jim Righeimer and Costa Mesa Taxpayers Association President Colin McCarthy are far removed from any sound principles I have ever seen.

Critics and Box Office Agree: “Atlas $ucked”

Our libertarian pal Allan Bartlett posted a humourous Facebook message about the pending release of Ayn Rand’s novel (it’s FICTION people!) as the first of a three movie trilogy as “the movie that tells Hollywood to suck it.” Well, suck is exactly the term I’d use. “Atlas Shrugged,” featured a bunch of no name actors…