Recall Petition Ping Pong

The RecallAmante committee was dealt a minor setback by the Tustin City Clerk’s office which rejected the petition signed by 30 residents to recall Tustin Mayor Jerry Amante on what amounts to a formatting issue.

Here’s the letter.

and the response from Chuck Horvath:

And here’s Amante’s response to the recall petition:

The recall committee tells me the City Clerk’s stunt, coupled with Amante’s behavior at Monday’s “emergency” council meeting that wasn’t an emergency (and by refusing to recognize TUSD trustee James Laird) has resulted in a dramatic increase in volunteers that are signing up to make this recall a reality including a number of residents who are active with Parent-Teacher Organizations in town. 

With the trial between the city and the school district set to square off in OC Superior Court Monday, Amante isn’t doing anything but reinforcing boorish contempt at Tustin’s residents.  I have to wonder how many of those TUSD seniors are going to make their first vote to recall the Mayor?

Our sources in the city of Tustin have tipped us off our Blog is being read regularly by members of the Tustin Police Department; happy to have you folks in Blue reading us!