Updated with Response: Amante Personally Serves 200 Word Response to Recall Petition

Mayor Amante receives recall papers. Photo: ROSE PALMISANO, THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER

LiberalOC sources tell us that Tustin Mayor Jerry Amante, who was served with a recall petition at last week’s Tustin City Council meeting, waited in his car outside the home of recall proponent Charles Horvath to deliver a 200 word response to the recall petition personally.  Amante delivered the response a day before it was due.

Sources tell us Horvarth will read the response to the recall committee meeting tonight; tomorrow, papers will be field with the Tustin city clerk to begin the process of submitting the documents to the Registrar of Voters.

According to our sources, Horvarth told the recall committee meeting last night that Amante was parked outside Horvarth’s home around 2:00 pm Monday afternoon.  Horvarth noted walked up to the car.  Amante just handed him the paper without saying a word.  Horvarth asked Amante, “where is the camera lady”? Referring to all the photo opts Amante gets at every Council meeting, and the Mayor left without a reply.

A quick scan of the document shows Amante misrepresented the 3-2 vote to initiate termination of the City Manager.  Amante claims to have guarded tax dollars and spent wisely; the city manager’s severance, additional funds to pay the interim city manager, and the fees paid to the recruiting firm sort of throw water on this claim. Amante insists his planing commission appeal wasn’t property owner harrassment (tell that to the property owner; Amante was defeated twice in this effort).  The last bullet, “I strive to treat everyone with respect, courtesy, and professionalism,” is flat out documented (YouTube proven) false.

It’s doubtful that Horvarth, who’s retired military, is intimidated by Amante’s personal service. But I sure hope Chuck made sure there wasn’t a horse’s head in his bed.  And some of the blog trolls out there call me a stalker!

To the mattresses!

(lead photo; courtesy of the OC Register)

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  1. angry Tustin resident
    April 11, 2011 at 7:25 pm

    One shouldn’t be surprized at this action. I hope that Mr. Horvath isn’t intimedated by him. Amante needs to defeat this effort if he wants a political future after the 2012 election. Maybe he can run for the local water district, so he can retire and get a pension from the water district.

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