Costa Mesa to be Breitbarted on Sunday

With Skosh Monahan’s Bar in Costa Mesa “Freedom Central” according to Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, the city and the pro-conservative movement there are going to be graced with an appearance of Andrew Breitbart this Sunday from 3-6 for an Irish Pub “Fun-Raiser” for the Congressman.  And I can’t believe I’d ever use the words “Rohrabacher,” “Breitbart,” and “Fun” in the same sentence.

I have much better things to do on Sunday, but I have to wonder if Red County publisher Chip Hanlon will show up and work out that lover’s quarrel with Dana (who shouldn’t be blogging on the tax payer’s dime as Sean Mill likes to point out so often).

But Brietbart’s breed of Big Journalism isn’t so big after all.  Breitbart is famous for providing a venue for the “undercover” and highly edited ACORN videos (which Brietbart refuses to release the unedited footage) to come to light for trashing the reputation for USDA employee Shirley Sherrod where she was asked to resign.  She’s now suing him for unspecified damages.  UPI reports that Sherrods case, “may be just an opportunity to reinforce the notion, shocking and strange as it may seem, that bloggers should actually be held legally accountable for the truth of what they say — like trained journalists.”

But hey, go and check it out and tell Gary Monahan how much you love that new Twitter feed and ask him if he wears his kilt traditionally or with boxers or briefs.

  2 comments for “Costa Mesa to be Breitbarted on Sunday

  1. Keep da Peace
    April 7, 2011 at 12:17 pm

    First of all, that kilt the Leprechaun Mayor wears is about as fake as they get. The plaid looks like it came of the dining room table. Real Irishmen know that plaids in Ireland are by county sept orvthey wear the traditional saffron kilt. The LM is as fake an Irishman as he is a mayor.

  2. chachki
    April 8, 2011 at 11:12 am

    ^^^ lol. so true. it looks like a private school girl uniform.

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