Red County Catfight

Sometimes, it pays to read the comments in blogs.  I trolled on over to Red County Wednesday to see if GOP teapartier Allan Bartlett had responded to a comment I left about TARP being a success after all (from a Newsweek story).  The post was a compare and constrast between OC Republican Congressmen Dana Rohrabacher and John Campbell on congressional spending issues and it was written by Red County publisher Chip Hanlon.

Chip writes: “The 54 GOP ‘no’ votes were cast by those members who felt the cuts didn’t go far enough, and that Republicans should stare down the President over the topic of spending even if it risks a government shutdown.

Congressman John Campbell of Newport/Irvine, to his great credit, was one of those ‘no’ votes.

A couple of weeks earlier, however, when it took a lot more courage to stand up to his own House Leadership, Campbell was also a ‘no’ vote– 1 of only 3 Republicans in opposition– on the first CR. If you haven’t read his terrific written explanation of that vote, it is very simply a must-read.

Meanwhile, Huntington Beach’s Dana Rohrabacher has been singing an entirely different tune. Not only did he vote for both continuing resolutions, but I’ve been told by multiple sources that over the last week or so, he has stated quite plainly what the Speaker of the House essentially told me last week: that the House GOP believes a shutdown will harm them politically.

Not only have they concluded that it was the shutdown which crippled Newt Gingrich and restored Bill Clinton, a specious theory in its own right, Rohrabacher is now essentially saying this to audiences everywhere: “please excuse us while we break your hearts on spending for another two years.”

See, Dana has been explaining that the reason he’s not going to vote for much in the way of spending cuts is you, dear citizens. He just knows that the only way we can defeat Barack Obama next November is not to pick ideological fights with him.

Brilliant, eh?”

Ok, Chip is known for speaking his mind, but you have to admire him for calling out a fellow Republican. And Chip opines that maybe, just maybe…it’s time for Dana to surf off into the sunset.

And there in the comment field is a response from the surfing Congressman himself – Dana Rohrabacher.

He writes: “We will only save America if Obama is not reelected

Submitted by Dana Rohrabacher (not verified) on Tue, 2011-03-29 23:58.


You and President Obama agree on earmarks. Now, only Obama’s appointees will be able to specifically designate spending items in the budget, rather than elected members of Congress. I hope you’re real proud of that. You are now advocating that we take moves that would be interpreted as a Republican shutdown of the Federal Government, which is another great gift to Obama, just like your ever-posturing Newt did for Bill Clinton, who should never have been reelected.

Pounding one’s chest does not indicate that someone is courageous or smart or principled. We will only save America if Obama is not reelected. Your holier than thou attitude may make you feel good but it ain’t gonna rid us of the Leftist clique that now controls our Federal Government’s Executive Branch. Unlike others you laud, I have never voted for a bailout and have consistently voted to reduce the size of the government, but don’t blame me for what’s not in a piece of legislation. The bottom line is we don’t control the Senate and we don’t control the Presidency. Intentionally causing the shutdown of the Federal Government as a method of forcing the Senate and the President to go along with a Republican-controlled House will not work, because it will not set well with the American people.

Your snide comment about my longshot attempt to jump seniority to become Chairman of the Science Committee reflects an ignorance of the fact that every committee chairmanship was based on seniority this time around. I have to admit, it’s a bit disconcerting to see such criticism coming from a source that shilled for the likes of Meg Whitman, Newt Gingrich and others who have sapped the potential of our Party.”

Now mind you, the identity of the commenter is not verified, but Chip’s response of “I just saw this and will respond as soon as I can” tells me it’s probably Dana or an elaborate pre-April Fool’s Day joke.  But clearly, I would never accuse the Congressman from Huntington Beach of chest thumping..or of being smart…or courageous….or principaled for that matter.