Brown terminates budget discussions with GOP

Sacramento — Governor Jerry Brown announced on Tuesday that he has terminated his negotiations with Republicans in the state legislature over a budget plan. Brown pointed out that while he had proposed drastic cuts to address half of the budget deficit, the Republicans refused to budge on tax cuts for corporations that ship jobs out of California and a special election in June where voters would be asked to extend existing tax increases.

In his statement Brown expressed frustration with GOP legislators:

Each and every Republican legislator I’ve spoken to believes that voters should not have this right to vote unless I agree to an ever changing list of collateral demands.

Let me be clear: I support pension reform, regulatory reform and a spending cap and offered specific and detailed proposals for each of these during our discussions. While we made significant progress on these reform issues, the Republicans continued to insist on including demands that would materially undermine any semblance of a balanced budget. In fact, they sought to worsen the state’s problem by creating a $4 billion hole in the budget.

Below is his video statement:


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  1. cook
    March 31, 2011 at 12:05 pm

    When is Brown going to dismiss the legislator branch of state government and declare himself emperor of California and rule by decree?

    Why are not the legislators doing their job?

    Should President Obama order NATO into California for the safety of the people?

    Maybe Canada and Mexico can do a “No Fly Zone” over Sacramento.

  2. March 31, 2011 at 2:58 pm

    Gov. Brown has no logical reason to complain about “corporations that ship jobs out of California”. There are only two states that are less ‘business-friendly’ than California.

    Also there’s this evil called “Globalism”.

    America’s corporate tax rate of 35% is among the highest in the world. The tax code encourages companies to move their businesses out of the country.
    “60 Minutes”

    Tax havens are easy, especially if you’re a drug company or a high technology company; simply register the patent in Switzerland, or Ireland and pay about half the corporate tax rate. If you’re the company’s CEO or CFO then you might have to relinquish one’s U.S. citizenship and re-locate. Skiing in Switzerland or playing golf in Ireland is not so bad; besides chances are you’re an Internationalist anyway, – no borders, – no nations. It’s all perfectly legal and encouraged.

    Governor Brown needs a reality check.