Costa Mesa Taxpayers Association Meeting at Skosh Monahan’s; Kilt or Be Kilt

Is embattled Costa Mesa Mayor “Skosh” Monahan really interested in setting up a “non-partisan organization to represent the best interest of taxpayers?” or does he want to sell some drinks to go with those free appetizers he’s offering?

Hat tip to the folks at the Bubbling Claudron for news of tonight’s inaugural meeting of a “non-partisan: group of supporters eager to agree with the Mayor for being set up by the Unions for his lack of empathy for the St. Patrick’s Day suicide of a laid off Costa Mesa worker.  The event is not an official city sponsored event, but we have to question if this is truly a “non-partisan” organization.

Because this meeting is not an official city meeting and being held in a bar, don’t expect the media to be allowed inside.

So while we’re not the sort of blog that would put the mayor of Costa Mesa on a pedestal so we can look up his kilt, if you’re going to go to this event, stop by Drinking Liberally at the Memphis in Santa Ana and tell is all about it.