Technology Leadership PAC names Kirsten Mangers to Leadership Post


Kirsten Mangers, the founder of WebVisible, has been named the new chair for the Technology Leadership PAC. Mangers is a pioneer in the Web-based marketing industry and has received numerous awards for her leadership at Irvine-based WebVisible.  She was one of the business/technology leaders who supported Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez at a press conference last October.  She’s smart, successful and an ideal inidividual to represent this relevatively new PAC that helps a key segment of the Orange County economy — technology.  The press release is below.

Orange County, Calif., and Washington, D.C. February 22, 2011 – The Technology Leadership Political Action Committee (TLPAC) announced Kirsten Mangers as the new Chair of its Board of Directors. Mangers succeeds Alvaka Networks’ CEO Oli Thordarson as TLPAC Board Chair. Thordarson will remain on the board and continue to play a vital role in implementing TLPAC’s advocacy agenda.

Mangers is a long time technology entrepreneur, philanthropist and dedicated small business advocate. Mangers founded WebVisible in 2001 to help small businesses get “found” online by potential customers using search engines, online directories, mobile phones and GPS devices. Under her leadership, the company became a leading global player in local online advertising and experienced rapid growth since its inception.  In 2009, WebVisible secured $20 million in Series C financing following a year of vigorous growth that saw revenues more than double and bookings increase by 88 percent year over year.

“Small technology firms and entrepreneurs play an integral role in our nation’s economy. It’s imperative decisions made in Washington and state capitals reflect our community’s knowledge and expertise,” said Mangers. “TLPAC’s 2011 agenda will focus on enacting changes that foster growth, job creation and capital access for the entrepreneur and small technology firm. This will mean that Washington and state legislatures need to make legislative and regulatory changes to foster a growth-oriented environment. At the same time, it also means that in many instances government needs to get out of our way.”

For the past two years, federal and state policy makers have labored to guide the economy towards creating more jobs. The majority of American job growth and innovation comes from small companies. Ninety percent of U.S. businesses have fewer than 20 employees, and yet they are responsible for over 97% of all new jobs in America. Small businesses produce 13 times more patents per employee than large companies. Technology companies, especially small, growth oriented firms, are vital to the economy and by providing high-wage jobs and critical innovations that bolster American GDP and worldwide competitiveness.

“TLPAC is very fortunate to have Kirsten as our Board Chair at this time. She brings critical experience as a successful 21st century technology entrepreneur and a keen understanding of public policy- a rare combination of skills,” said Tim Jemal, TLPAC Executive Director and President of Jemal Public Affairs. “We thank Oli Thordarson for the vision, passion and leadership he provided as the inaugural Chairman of TLPAC. We are thrilled he will continue to play a prominent role on the Board of Directors.”

Deep challenges face the technology industry. A slow-recovering global economy, inadequate capital access for small and mid-size technology firms and budget cuts to elementary, secondary and higher education threaten America’s role as a global leader in technology innovations and high-wage job creation.

Chris Lord, General Manager, Slalom Consulting and Charlie Sundling, President  & CEO, Pipeline Software, along with Mangers, Thordarson and Jemal, make up the TLPAC Board of Directors.

About TLPAC. TLPAC is a bipartisan organization comprised of small and mid-sized technology companies. Our mission is to support state and federal policy issues vital to innovation, competitiveness and entrepreneurship in the technology sector. Small technology firms are integral to the economy by providing high-wage jobs and critical innovations that bolster worldwide American competitiveness. For more information, visit

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