Boot Camp or Re-Education Camp? Partisan Pension Rhetoric Heats Up

Despite the claims by OC GOP Chairman Scott Baugh that the Pension Boot Camp for local elected officials is a non-partisan event, not sponsored by the GOP, you wouldn’t know that from the partisan rhetoric coming out of GOP stalwart and publisher Chip Hanlon. In his post about the upcoming event Chip headlines his story with an ominous warning to local elected officials.

PENSION REFORM: We Will Post the Names of Electeds Who Don’t Attend this Event

The title alone makes it sound like Big-Brother is watching. In this case it is simply “Big Elephant.”Hanlon writes:

Local electeds, let’s keep this simple:  you need to be at the Pension boot camp that’s being held this Thursday, February 17th in Irvine.

Are you as knowledgeable on the topic of pension reform as Steven Greenhut, Devin Nunes, Steve Pearce and the other experts slated to speak? Are you fully versed on the true scope of our indebtedness, aware of the complexities of working within the inflexible CalPers system and cognizant of all the latest solutions for addressing this crisis?

Tomorrow, I’ll be asking the event’s organizers for an updated list of cities who are still ignoring the event. They will be listed. Local tea party groups will notified.

And next week, any city that fails to send a single city council member will see the names and contact info for all of its members posted here. We will then memorialize them by banner for the rest of this cycle so that readers can always know with one simple click who doesn’t care about pension reform, info we hope their next opponent can use to its fullest extent.

It seems to me that Chip Hanlon is relaying an order from the “Chairman” for all loyal party members to report on Thursday to a Pension Reeducation Camp. Just Like Communist Vietnam.

L-R Rep. Ed Royce, Sup. Janet Nguyen, Asm. Van Tran, Sup. Pat Bates

Now I finally understand the true meaning of RED COUNTY.

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  1. junior
    February 16, 2011 at 12:29 pm

    “Now I finally understand the true meaning of RED COUNTY’

    That is REALLY over the top Chris – come back down to earth and we could have a rational discussion.

  2. kepdapeace
    February 18, 2011 at 9:44 am

    So, who showed up? Was anyone from the Gang of Five there? Did Barbie Doll Nguyen bring her phone so that her chief of staff could text her any meaningful questions?

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