Mubarak Finally Steps Down in Egypt

In the latest episode of Egypt’s Top Presidential Chef the Armed Forces Supreme Council has decided; “Hosni, please pack up your knives and go.” It is unclear whether he will be able to keep the 2011 Ford Escape he won in a previous episode.

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Hosni Mubarak

CAIRO — Hosni Mubarak has resigned as president of Egypt, the country’s vice president said in a brief statement Friday.

Omar Suleiman, speaking on state television, said Mubarak had decided to depart “the office of the president of the republic” and said the Supreme Council of the armed forces would “run the state.”

Leading Egyptian democracy advocate Mohamed ElBaradei, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, said Friday was “the greatest day of my life.”

“The country has been liberated after decades of repression,” he told The Associated Press. He said he expected a “beautiful” transition of power.

The news swept the country and Tahrir Square, home of the protest movement, erupted in celebration.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters had gathered for a huge rally on what they called “Farewell Friday,” and after 18 days they finally achieved their main goal.

“The people have brought down the regime,” chanted the crowds in Tahrir Square.

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  1. cook
    February 11, 2011 at 9:22 am

    There are massive social and economic problems in Egypt. The military has taken control of the civilian government.

    Can this happen in the USA?

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