OC Man Hosts 175 Marines for a Super Bowl Party

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While I’ve never served in the military, I grew up in an air force town and have several family members who have served. When I see one of our young men and women in uniform at the airport (or anywhere during our travels), we always make a point to thank them for their service and sacrifice. So a story in this morning’s Register made my day.

Gary Crisp, the owner of C2 Reprographics, hosted an impressive Super Bowl Party at his Coto de Caza home for about 100 Marines from Camp Pendleton and about 75 Military venterans.  Crisp not only managed to have fantastic food and refreshments, but big screen TVs, the San Diego Charger cheerleaders and the USC Marching Band on hand with plenty of things to do before and after Pro Football’s big game.

From the Register story:   “We want this day for them to be the experience of a lifetime,” said Crisp, owner of Costa Mesa based C2 Reprographics, “Sometimes people in this country don’t realize the freedoms we have … the freedom to create businesses and a lifestyle is not a given all over the world.”

And service personnel past and present were appreciative of the gesture.

“It’s kind of heartwarming knowing there are people who still care,” said Army Sgt. First Class Andrew Ackley, 41, a combat veteran who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and missions in Kosovo and Bosnia.

After inviting only Camp Pendleton Marines for the first three Super Bowl parties, they included veterans in the festivities for the first time on Sunday.

“You know what has been nice … to see these young Marines coming up and thanking me,” said World War II veteran Bill Bowermaster of Coto de Caza. “I can’t thank (the Crisps) enough for having the old veterans as well as the ones in active duty.”

Crisp said the event takes about three months to plan and costs roughly $100,000, which includes donated refreshments and money.

“Lots of food, great people, good music and the Charger girls … it’s awesome,” said Cpl. Tim Igasan, a Camp Pendleton Marine. “It feels good to be recognized. Not a lot of people realize what we go through.”

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