OC Democrats Blog: RIP

With a whimper, the OC Democrats Blog, which debuted last election cycle, has disappeared.  Hailed as the only Democratic blog in OC with the word “Democrat” in the title and run by an “anonymous” blogger “El Democrata,” the blog has gone dark.  Links to stories posted there on Google go to a static page.

We never believed this blog was run by an actual Democrat to begin with and and OC Democratic Party went as far to issue a statement that they had nothing to do with that blog.  From the look and feel of the layout and the writing style of the blog, it wasn’t hard to figure out who was behind it and we enjoyed the third party references to that blog made on OJ and New Santa Ana; but it renders the old Jubal/Matt Cunningham third person conversations from more than 5 years ago moot, doesn’t it?