Big pile of cash for former Santa Ana City Attorney

Voice of OC’s Adam Elmahrek has found out how much the departure of failed Santa Ana City Attorney Joseph Fletcher cost the city; total payout to $333,779.

Former Santa Ana City Attorney Joe Fletcher cashed out $191,699 in unused vacation and sick leave when he left the city’s employ last week, according to figures provided to Voice of OC by the city’s finance department.

This taxpayer-funded windfall is in addition to the $142,080 severance package Fletcher negotiated and brings his total payout to $333,779. Fletcher also left with a pension and, if he chooses, unemployment benefits, according to his severance agreement.

Not bad for someone who could not keep the Brown Act, and Council Member conflicts of interests straight. I wonder what city service the Council will decide to cut back on to pay for this mess?

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  1. Al Simmons
    January 4, 2011 at 12:08 pm

    How is this not a gift of public funds?
    The contract specifies that he only gets the cash if he’s terminated, but he resigns voluntarily and still gets this severance? It makes no sense!

    Not only should the residents of Santa Ana be up in arms, but how about the unions that worked so hard and gave up a lot to keep their jobs? This money could have paid to protect several jobs.

    This should be investigated to see if it’s even legal. I don’t think the city council can just give away taxpayer dollars because they like the guy or whatever their reason is.

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