Still $40,000 in Debt, Chuck DeVore Plans 2012 Run

Has it been two weeks since Chuck DeVore left office?  I hadn’t thought about it until I got an email from new Assemblyman Don Wagner on his swearing in ceremony (more on that in a bit).  But Chuck can’t wait until 2012 and the LA Times is reporting he is already planning to run but doesn’t know which office to run for yet. 

From the blog post: “… the former Irvine assemblyman is already itching to get back and declared to supporters Tuesday that he intends to be back on the ballot in 2012 — he just doesn’t know what office he’ll be running for.

DeVore, who ran on a “tea party” platfrom for U.S. Senate in 2010 and suffered a primary loss to Republican Carly Fiorina, asked his supporters to help him retire about $40,000 of leftover debt in his state account.

While he said that “holding office at a time of total liberal domination was often maddening” in Sacramento, he’s considering returning to elected office somewhere.

The story notes the only statewide elective office available is the US Senate seat currently occupied by Senator Feinstein.  But with DeVore’s hard-to-the-right political philosophy and the left-leanings of this just-got-bluer-than-blue state, perhaps a more approachable and electable office for Chuck would be a county supervisor’s seat when 3rd district Supervisor Bill Campbell is termed out and DeVore would enjoy a voter registration advantage. 

But is a county post a step down for Chuck?

You can let him know by completing this survey on his website, but if you use Chuck’s logic on the validity of surveys (his position on the DADT survey done of non-combat/combat troops), it’s not valid unless everyone who can, participates in the survey. We’re sure if the results will be completely valid ourselves.

That all said, I wish my Northwood neighbor and his family a Happy Christmas holiday season.  Hope Santa helps you retire that campaign debt.

Irvine pollster and DeVore supporter Adam Probolsky offer provided commentary on the effectiveness of campaign lawn signs. So if I did choose to comment on Chuck’s post-election survey, I would have to say his lawn signs and billboards were way too busy to be effective.  Not a peep from Adam about that though.

I haven’t forgotten Don Wagner.  Here’s what he sent yesterday via email:  “This past week, I was proud to take the oath of office representing the people of the 70th Assembly District in the California State Assembly. As I stood alongside my new colleagues on both sides of the aisle at our swearing-in ceremony, I was reminded that the ultimate power in California rests with the people. That is why I stand ready to work with my colleagues – Democrats and Republicans alike – to find common ground on behalf of the people of Orange County in order solve the major problems facing our state.”

Anyone want to take any bets to see how often Mr. Wagner votes with Democrats on anything meaningful?