Vigil of Discontent Scheduled for Santa Ana Council Inaugural December 14th

Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido

SANTA ANA — On Tuesday evening, December 14, Santa Ana community activists will gather for a Vigil of Discontent, outside city council chambers at the parking lot at Ross and Civic Center Drive, in Santa Ana from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Those planning to attend are urged to arrive by 5:15 pm if possible.

The purpose for this gathering is to be present at the Mayor’s inauguration, and to express concern about the Mayor’s effort to make $500,000 for himself from the sale of state property. The revelation was made public last week in 2 different newspaper articles. In one article the Mayor stated he had earned the finder’s fee for simply introducing people. The Mayor will also be deposed by attorneys opposing the sale, early this week, to determine his role in the transaction.

The opponents of the mayor who are organizing this event believe that his actions are another example of the Mayor using his office to serve his financial interests while neglecting the needs of the public.