Local Government 2010 Awards

This came in today from Dan Oney at PublicCEO:

It’s been a tumultuous year in government but there’s still a lot to celebrate. is giving out its 2010 Local Government Awards and we’re looking for nominations. Please send along nominations for the following categories to

  • City Public Official Of The Year
  • County Public Official Of The Year
  • Special District Official Of The Year
  • Elected Official Of The Year
  • New Ordinance Of The Year
  • Public Works Project Of The Year
  • Public Information Officer Of The Year
  • Blunder Of The Year

The deadline for nominations sent by e-mail is Monday, Dec. 20 by noon.

You can nominate a colleague, a friend, an enemy or even yourself. Please e-mail all nominations this week to the editor at Please include the reason you feel your nomination should be chosen as the winner.

Nominations can come from anyone. Here’s your chance to make your bosses happy. Your local elected and government officials furious, or dancing with joy.

Make sure you let them know you heard of the 2010 Local Government Awards from