Disgraced Ex-Councilmember Led Ill-fated Dalati Campaign

According to Bill Dalati’s Campaign filings, disgraced ex-Anaheim Councilmember Richard Chavez was tapped to lead his electoral efforts. Chavez, was the former Anaheim Councilmember who lost his bid for re-election to current Councilwoman Lucille Kring, by a mere 200 votes. Chavez was further humiliated soon there-after by being convicted of tax fraud by means of secret ‘consulting’ payments from the Anaheim Hills based Eli Home, which is run by… you named it, Lorri Galloway. If that sounds a little convoluted to you… believe me, it is. Welcome to Anaheim Politics.

I have nothing against Bill Dalati, quite the contrary, I think he’s an intelligent, honest, businessman, who is potentially a great Anaheim Councilmember…but why Bill would tap Richard Chavez, a convicted felon who lost his own re-election bid, to advise him politically is beyond me. Having names like his on your 460’s is something a wizened office-holder would avoid at all cost.

Some free advice to Richard Chavez, why not fade quietly into the background? You do significantly more harm than good at this point. Go draw with crayons and watch Sponge Bob Square Pants with the grand kids.

Other interesting finds on Bill’s 460’s:

NAAA-ADC Pac is a self-described “Pro-Arab; Foreign & Defense Policy” which doesn’t get that much play but typically donates to Federal candidates. This is interesting when considered with the fact that outgoing Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle is a designated “Friend of Israel”. The Mayor had a beautiful plaque given to him by the Israels Knesset in his office waiting-room area proclaiming him as such. Whatever you take away from this, clearly Anaheim is a city of international importance.

As shown above, Dalati managed to convince local leaders such as Los Amigo’s Amin David to support his cause. Amin even did an endorsement vid for Dalati like he did Galloway that you can see here. However an analysis of his aggregate contributions shows two important deficiencies. Firstly, over half of Mr. Dalati’s donations come from outside Anaheim. Secondly, most of his donations come from people in the Arab community. This is a political “deficiency” only because Arabs and people of Arab decent are not yet a powerful Anaheim constituency. There are a good  number of more influential groups in Anaheim, and Mr. Dalati has once again failed to tap into them.

Of course, you knew this one was coming. Dalati is widely known to have major support from Anaheim Councilmember Lorri Galloway. While she did in fact donate to Bill (as seen above) I’d like to point out that it was a measly $100. He’s donated many times that much to her and her efforts. (Anyone whose worked professionally in politics knows that it’s just bad etiquette not to reciprocate roughly equally to fellow office holders and seekers who have donated to you. Can’t tell you how many times I clenched my teeth at the check-in table at events knowing my candidate shelled out major cash for someone, only to be getting a measly check in return.)