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Happy New Year

2011 will mark this blog’s fifth anniversary and we’re looking forward to the New Year with great anticipation and hope. Happy New Year to you and yours.

White House Year in Photos – 2010

White House Photographer and Director of the White House Photography Office Pete Souza shares some of his favorite behind-the-scenes and pivotal moments from 2010 in the White House.

The Obama Rebound

It’s been a tough year for President Obama, but there are a host of new polls and editorials out suggesting the President has done a pretty good job in the first half of his presidency.  For example, the New York Daily News had this story that showed the President still enjoys better numbers than just…

Should we look to the Defense Budget to Cut Wasteful Government Spending?

A question for our conservative Tea Party Patriots?  If you want to cut wasteful government spending, at what point do we cut the defense budget? With the Obama administration’s support for the Automobile industry reviled as creating “Government Motors,” a point lots on so many “thirfty” Tea Partiers was the vast number of businesses in…

Jon Stewart: A New Hope

For those of us who are Star Wars fanatics, virtually every scene is burned into our memories. Many scenes in the movie provide metaphors for situations we face in our lives. There is the scene early in the first movie where Luke is with his Uncle Owen buying droids for their farm. Symbolically they select the translator droid…