Is the Republican brand going extinct in California?

From the Contra Costa Times: Republicans could be on the verge of sinking into political oblivion in California, especially if they continue to take hard-line positions on illegal immigration, experts say.

Elections across the state this month left Republicans shut out of all statewide offices. Republicans also failed to gain any new congressional seats and lost one in the Assembly.

The failure was in stark contrast to gains made by Republicans across the country, sending the state GOP into a period of self-reflection over the future solvency of the party.

“We have a deep problem, not one solved easily,” said Duf Sundheim, a former chairman of the state GOP. “We’ll have to make significant changes if we’re to be players in California again. We need to change the way we interact, have a little more humility in the way we present our positions. It requires us to make a fundamental change to our approach.”

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