Voices From Street Corners (Vol.11)

Today was a beautiful day in Laguna Niguel. With the Sun again being out, I saw the people at the Street Corners yet again trying to call upon the generosity of the community to help them through these very trying times.

One of those voices was a single mother of two children. I had talked to her before and she remembered me. She noted how she was lining up odd jobs and had apparently two jobs lined up for later on in the week. She also told me that her 11-year old had surgery last week. At least she had a place to stay. Her Ex-Husband in Arkansas was only working three days a week, though. As I bid her farewell, I was very happy to hear that she and her kids were going to be treated to a thanksgiving dinner that she was going to be pick up at Stater Brothers later on.

I also noticed the Old Veteran sitting at the corner near Walmart. I had eyeing to see him ever since Veterans Day and wanted to wish him Happy Veterans Day. It was belated, but I felt he deserved it. I asked how he was doing. I asked him whether he had a chance to go out to the VA Service Center in Laguna Hills. He reminded me about how old he was and that no one wanted him anymore. He also told me something quite striking. He told me that he is trying to save up some money to help out some kids in the Philippines. I wondered whether he was trying to put me on or not. I took him at his word that he was trying to do this. I pray that he can actually do this. If I see him next time, I will ask him. As I drove towards my next appointment, I noticed another one of those “voices” I had interviewed. She was also trying to get something to get by for the day. I did not get a chance to talk to her to see what was going on. I am sure I will, though.

As such “voices” continue to deal with the true realities, there is of course what is going on in the fantasyland of the political realm. I caught the act of Bobby Jindhal and Rick Perry on the Sunday talk shows this past week-end. They left me with the impression that they had all the answers. Their entire tirade, though, was directed at Barack Obama. They talked about how they knew it all, how incompetent Barack Obama was and how they understood how to solve the problems. Rick Perry, for instance, has to deal with a 22 Billion Dollar Budget Deficit in his State. But he could even answer a simple question from Chris Wallace on Fox News. There is, of course, Sarah Palin. I caught her act on Hannity. She talked about all those common sense Constitutional Conservatives who would ride in to rescue the Country from the abyss. I wondered as the love-in went on with Hannity, if Palin truly understood what that truly meant. Despite her folksy tone, she should not be taken lightly.

Despite the continued calamity, I had to remind myself throughout the day that it is thanksgiving week. All of us ought to count our blessing, but the fact is that there are profound challenges that continue to haunt us. 46 out of 50 States face budget deficits. The Federal Government has a 1 Trillion Plus Deficit. As I read about the Ireland Bail-Out plan, the true magnitude of the problems became even worst. The Dominoes continue to fall one-by-one!!!

Programs to help the desparate and the down-and-out is on the chopping block. A Real Unemployment rate of 17 percent is simply scary as there are 6 applicants for every job opening in the country right now. I could not help myself to wonder what will happen to us? How will we overcome this true malaise? Will the leaders show enough courage?

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  1. Toni Gilmont
    November 24, 2010 at 11:27 am

    I understand from recent reports via cable television, etc., that most companies (particularly large ones) are holding off hiring in order to save their money to be used to pay larger dividends and acquire other assets -rather than increasing their employee base. This is a sad treatise and shows their “thick hide” where other human beings are concerned in this country –they have no shame! Considering so many have benefited from the largesse of our government in order to keep their company going during the “crash” (and some would have simply gone bankrupt without governmental intervention)– saving their cash reserves rather than increase productivity (and give their short-handed employees a break from longer hours, far more work than one person can intelligently do and with less pay for all workers).

    I’m in hopes they will be shamed (if that is at all possible for these “bozo’s”) into changing their approach if enough people publicly embarrass them.

    We can only hope.

    • November 26, 2010 at 6:27 pm

      Cable news programs still don’t get it.
      Congress still doesn’t get it.
      State Governors still don’t get it.

      It’s still Glass-Steagall, do or die.
      A Glass-Steagall style of bankruptcy reorganization is the only thing that will work. Nothing else.

  2. cook
    November 26, 2010 at 12:29 pm

    The socialists have got their dream. They are leading the country down the path of “share and share alike”.

    But in a free society, individuals make their own choices, and those who have made something of themselves are sitting this one out.

    How long will the socialist government employees stand for 50 to 75 percent of their wage earning’s being taken for the “share and share alike” dream?

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